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Postcards from Twin Peaks, Benjamin Louche


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Postcards From Twin Peaks

Within this book dwell mysteries deep and dark, syntactic secrets, beautiful otherness, rhyme and unreason, all springing from the singular town of TWIN PEAKS.

How does one get to Twin Peaks? Is it in the heart, or in the mind? Does the Log Lady know more than she's letting on? Is Cooper still the man he always was? What are we really to take from the tragic end of Waldo? Who is Diane? Who was Agent Jeffries? And what did Harold Smith's suicide note really mean? Answers to these questions and more you will find within these pages.

These miniature missives from that other place where "the birds sing a pretty song and there's always music in the air," may offer keen and unthought-of insights, and pose new enquiries into the myriad mysteries that fell under Agent Cooper's scrutiny once Laura Palmer had fallen, a victim.

This is a book for Twin Peakers, backwards speakers, loggers, Black Lodgers, Special Agents, one-armed shoe salesmen, fans, fanatics and everyone in between...

For nearly a decade Benjamin Louche, host of London's infamous Double R Club, has been penning strange 'Peaksian' poems, prose and the like, much of which has been performed in front of original Twin Peaks cast members at the annual Twin Peaks UK Festival.