Short Story collections (Choose From)

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The Invention of Mother - a story cycle or sequence rudely constructed in and around the theme of technology

Exactly where is your satnav taking you? Just what terrible gadgets lie in those three suitcases? Is time travel advisable? Is true AI possible? Can an implant help you sleep? Are your household appliances eyeing you as their next meal? Are there infinite universes? Where do art and technology collide? Is your supermarket checkout till trying to tell you something?

Will hearing aids one day be used to facilitate theft on a grand scale? Can machines smell your worth? Are remote viewers watching you through artificial lenses even now?

The Lights will Go out
A collection of three uneasy, disquieting tales (plus asides) written "in the direction" of ghost stories...

Includes audio download of 'They Who Do Not Speak' by Unsong, created from processed field recordings made at Chillingham Castle, "Britain’s Most Haunted Historic Castle."